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Travel Planning: Craft a photo shot list for your Travel Photography

Crafting a photo shot list is the next step after you have studied your Travel Photography destination using guidebooks, you have tuned your expectations, and you have hired a fixer. By now you should know I’m fond of planning when it comes to Travel Photography. I want to know almost exactly what I’m going to shoot, but this doesn’t mean my photo shot list is carved in stone, in fact, I always try to be adaptable to the situation.

Travel Planning: Get a fixer for your Travel Photography

When you have an idea of what you intend to do in the country you’re going to shoot, it’s time to hire a fixer or find a travel companion. Depending on the area you’re going, you can easily feel overwhelmed, and the help of a local can be invaluable for your Travel Photography.

A fixer is a person who helps you get around safely. She speaks the local language, and she can serve as a translator. If you can’t speak the a language, a translator becomes crucial in boosting your Travel Photography productivity.

Travel Planning: Maximize your shooting using travel guidebooks

When you book an assignment or simply choose to work on your personal Travel Photography project, begins the process of travel planning. The travel planning process can take from a few days to several months, depending on the destination and your knowledge of it.

A reportage of your home town—a place you should know inside out—will certainly require less travel planning than an expedition to Antarctica. For the sake of this little article, I’ll omit the extremes, particularly the “Antarctica” one, which would require an entire book to explain.

Travel Photography is not a photographic genre

Travel Photography is clearly my vocation.

I’m the opposite of a manichean. The Pope can hate me, but I’m the son of current relativism. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have opinions—which I have—or I’m not able to judge things, but I rather tend to establish my point of view “relatively” to mutual standpoints.

Travel photography! Welcome to the new blog.

Hello, I’m Davide Petilli, a freelance photographer specializing in travel photography. I’m just a passionate traveler who likes to interact with like minded people. This is the first post of my new travel photography blog, and while reading it, you may wonder why I think there is the need for another one among thousands of travel photography blogs. Indeed, I think there isn’t.