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Travel Photography is not a photographic genre

Travel Photography is clearly my vocation. I’m the opposite of a manichean. The Pope can hate me, but I’m the son of current relativism. This doesnt mean that I dont have opinions which I have or Im not able to judge things, but I rather tend to establish my point of view relatively to mutual standpoints.

Im the versatile kind of guy, a sort of Reinessance man, helplessly broad in interests (maybe too much) and prone in engaging whatever activity.

When I started photography as a hobby, I shooted what I wanted. Eventually, someone told me if I would become a professional I should have focused on a niche.

Truth is I like almost everything about photography and I cant choose where to specialize. Travel Photography is the natural niche toward which I gravitated. Certainly because I love to travel, but most of all, because being a travel photographer encompasses virtually every sub-genre of photography. I’ll explain.

Travel Photography is Landscape Photography

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Travel Photography is Landscape Photography

Before capturing details, a travel photographer has to show the setting of the places he wants to represent. He has to determine the best views and capture them. This is the responsibility of a landscape photographer.

Armed with his tripod and short lenses, he has to capture countryside views and comprehensive cityscapes of the places he visits.

Photography is Architecture Photography

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Travel Photography is Architecture Photography

One of the tasks of a travel photographer is to represent the architectural beauty of a place. Cities are full of monuments and buildings that require the expertise of an Architecture Photographer to capture.

Travel Photography
is Food Photography

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Travel Photography is Food Photography

Food is the essence of a place, a statement of its heritage. From the food, you can see what the social conditions of a region are. You can imagine how its history developed. The now trending Food Photography is a fundamental component of Travel Photography.

Photography is Portrait Photography

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Travel Photography is Portrait Photography

A place is its people. To represent a region effectively, you have to catch the soul of the people who inhabits it. A travel photographer makes soul transmitting portraits far away from studio settings, using little equipment and just the power of his voice.

Travel photography is Street Photography

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Travel Photography is Street Photography

The life of the streets represents the essence of a place. What is better than wandering aimlessly and capture the everyday life of people when documenting a new place?

As a sub-genre, I think that Street Photography is the most intrinsically related to Travel Photography because of its photojournalistic style, which leads me to the next point.

Travel Photography is

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Travel Photography is Reportage Photography

The two terms can easily be synonyms. Travel Photography is a Reportage of a place. Every place has a background from which derives a culture.

A complete travel photographer should be able to describe the essence and meaning of social events, such as festivals or ceremonies. However, he should be able to capture problematics such as wars, poverty, and diseases.

I can go on forever.

Im convinced that Travel Photography isn’t a true photographic genre. It isn’t a niche. Travel photography is too ample to be constricted in the rules of a genre.

You can’t even relegate Travel Photography to travel: you can shoot Travel Photography right in your own town, wherever it is in the world. What is everyday for you, is a faraway place for someone who lives thousands of miles away from you.

I’d like to know what do you think Travel Photography really is. Why don’t you leave me a comment with your opinion?


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