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Travel photography! Welcome to the new blog.

Hello, I’m Davide Petilli, a freelance photographer specializing in travel photography. I’m just a passionate traveler who likes to interact with like minded people. This is the first post of my new travel photography blog, and while reading it, you may wonder why I think there is the need for another one among thousands of travel photography blogs. Indeed, I think there isn’t.

The reason I’m starting this travel photography blog is my desire of being part of the travel photography community to share experiences and knowledge. I don’t consider myself a travel guru or a travel photography expert, but I try to raise the bar of my experience every day, and I’d like to share my path with the community.

Clearly, I’ll mostly write of things I know or I learn, but my hope is to obtain a lot of feedback from you, because I think that interaction and the exchange of ideas are the path to growth. I’m an avid learner.

As you may expect, the main topic of this blog will be travel photography. I plan to write content about traveling and shooting superb photographs during trips, and share my mind about what goes on in the photography community. I’ll try to write reviews, suggest valuable resources and share the news.

I have a firm idea of what this blog will be, but this idea isn’t carved in stone, and I hope this travel photography blog will be shaped with the collaboration of the community that I hope will grow with it. I’d like to know your opinion about this new adventure of mine, so, if you are reading this post, I ask you to drop a comment and say what you think (or just hi).

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