6am Europe/Rome

Shooting the St. Gerard Festival in Potenza

Every year I try to not miss the St. Gerard Festival when my town, Potenza, becomes alive and full of foreigners for five days. Last week I had the opportunity to shoot again this event.

6am Europe/Rome

Topaz Clarity Review

It is a few days since I’m experimenting with the new Topaz Clarity plugin, and I think it is the time to write down my thoughts about this package. Topaz Clarity is a new tool that promises to easily manipulate the contrast and clarity of your images without creating those nasty halos typical of contrast and clarity adjustments.

5am Europe/Rome

People of the Grand Bazar

It as been over a month since I’m back from Istanbul, and I am sorry that I still have to write about it. Visiting Istanbul has been a great experience, and I had one of the most mesmerizing moments photographing the Grand Bazar (Kapalıçarşı), the greatest _suk_ of the world. In these images I wanted to portray the people of the Grand Bazar rather than its goods.

4am Europe/Rome

Aya Sofia at Dusk

It’s a few days since I’m back from Istanbul, and I have to say I already miss it. Istanbul is one of those places in the world that capture your soul. One of the places I enjoyed the most in Istanbul was Aya Sophia.

7am Europe/Rome

Video: Vivian Maier, Photographer

I’ve stumbled upon this delicious short film about Vivian Maier, the nanny photographer . In the film, a fictional Vivian Maier talks about herself, her life and her photography after her death.

7am Europe/Rome

Sunset over the Sant’Angelo bridge in Rome

The Sant’Angelo Bridge links the Sant’Angelo Castle (former Mausoleum of Hadrian) to the left side of the Tevere river. It was built in the year 137 by the roman emperor Hadrian, in front of his mausoleum. In the background you can see the Basilica of St. Peter with its huge dome, designed by Michelangelo, and completed in just two years in 1587.

7am Europe/Rome

Is Steve McCurry’s photography technically “flown”?

There are are “rules” that are considered almost like dogmas in photography. Images have to be in tack sharp focus, especially on the eyes of the subject; children should be photographed from their height and never from above; portraits have to be taken using long lenses to not distort the subject; never shoot into the light etc. All these “rules” make sense, but what if we break them?

7am Europe/Rome

Photo: Panorama of Castelmezzano at Dusk

Castelmezzano is a village in the south of Italy, near Potenza. The town is perched on what is known as The Lucanian Dolomites, named after the famous Dolomites in northern Italy. The site is particularly attractive at dusk, when the artificial illumination makes the mountains seem on fire.

6am Europe/Rome

Photo: Deer of Nara

Deers are the symbol of Nara, and you can find them everywhere. They live in the wild, but they’re quite sociable, although the signs around the town say “beware of bites and kicks”.

6am Europe/Rome

Video: Paolo Pellegrin and the incomplete image

The last addition to the Magnum photographers pool is Paolo Pellegrin, member since 2005. He is from Italy like me, that’s why I’m particularly carried by his work, which I find superb. In this video you have a glimpse of his photojournalism.