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Daido Moriyama: The Mighty Power

I love the way Ringo Tang has shot this film on Daido Moriyama in Hong Kong in 2012.

In its multi-sensory approach to photography, Moriyama says he follows the ”scent”, and to find unusual scents, he is guided by his senses.

Moriyama is a great inspiration when he says that after fifty years photography is still amazing for him, and there still are millions of things and people to photograph. For Moriyama each and every city is a work of art flooded with desire.

In this film Moriyama says that photography has a “mighty power”, and he defines his attitude to photography as “casual”, used as a means to document and not to forget the present.

In fact:

The past cannot be captured by the present, the present can only be captured in the moment.

Moriyama extols photography as a means of expression saying he always does his best to “feel” everything that surrounds him, and that his feelings are always reflected in the photos that he makes.


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